v. 18 n. 3 (1998): Revista HCPA

A great satisfaction 

Our journal has risen a greater deal of interest than what we have foreseen in the short time since its reformulation. The idea of an associate editor, chosen among Scientific Council Members, was very  important for increasing the scientific and educational level of the journal. This is a way of publicizing our production as qualified research groups, and to acknowledge our contribution to continued medical education. We reach colleagues who are interested in state-of-the-art subjects and also those who look for review and in-depth information regarding a specific subject.

There have been many favorable reactions to the participation of an associate editor of thematic issues. Initially, the associate editors are invited among Scientific Council members, so that all members are involved in the process of change. We have tried to select subjects or specialties which have a broad impact; also, we have looked for editors who have had publications of impact within the last years, in national and international
journals. In 1998, our associate editors were Professor Sérgio Menna Barreto (pneumology), Professor Rogério Friedman (endocrinology), and presently, Professor Themis R. da Silveira (hepatology). The next issue will offer articles in psychiatry, coordinated by Professor Paulo Abreu.

Finally, it is with great satisfaction that we have received the support and the explicit approval of professors who are interested in contributing
with our journal and in participating as associate editors. Therefore, it seems that we are indeed raising the interest of those who are enthusiastic about the development of ideas and knowledge. We thank all those who have manifested their support, and we renew our invitation, so that they keep contributing their work to Revista HCPA.

Eduardo Passos

Publicado: 2022-06-02

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