v. 18 n. 2 (1998): Revista HCPA


The year of 1998 is especially meaningful for Revista HCPA, because it is the year in which we celebrate the 100th anniversary of our School of Medicine. In the following pages, our readers will find enough reason to
reflect about the significance of such a date. In his editorial, Professor Pedro Gus briefly outlines the history of the School of Medicine, and at the same 134 Revista HCPA 1998;18 (2) time emphasizes the persistence and will of students and professors, which enabled the school to overcome hard times. In addition, the editorial written by Professor Sérgio Pinto Machado, Chief Executive Officer of Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre, stresses the importance of the relationship between the School of Medicine and the Hospital. Taken together, the ideas foregrounded in these editorials are extremely relevant for Revista HCPA. In a number of ways, Revista materializes the relationship between these two worthy Institutions. This is a publication founded upon the same will, and impelled by the same effort, described by Dr. Gus.

The contents of this issue of Revista HCPA, in which Dr. Rogério Friedman is an invited Editor, reflect the high-quality academic work carried out at HCPA. Dr. Friedman highlights innovative aspects of the research being developed right here in the field of Endocrinology, which, as can be seen from the set of papers he selected, has an impressive repercussion world-wide. We hope that these works may serve as incentive for our collaborators, so that, in the coming year, Revista HCPA may grow with the submission of many original articles which will mirror the excellence of the scientific work developed both at the School of Medicine and at HCPA.

Eduardo Passos

Publicado: 2022-05-25

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