Primary Aldosteronism

Eduardo Guimarães Camargo, Ana Bittencourt Detanico, Renata Ortiz Pedrini, Sandra Pinho Silveiro


Primary aldosteronism (PA) is a syndrome that results from adrenal autonomous secretion of aldosterone. The screening for this syndrome is indicated for individuals with arterial hypertension (AH) and spontaneous or severe hypocalemia after diuretics, and refractory AH (?3 antihypertensive agents). In this report, a male patient presented recent-onset diabetes mellitus (DM) and AH, weight lost, poliuria, polidipsia, and tiredness. Severe hypocalemia was present, and the laboratory workup confirmed the hypothesis of PA, with increased plasmatic and urinary aldosterone levels, low plasma renin activity and increased aldosterone/renin ratio. Adrenal computerized tomography showed a left adrenal adenoma. After the surgical procedure, blood pressure levels and glycemia were brought to normal. Though the prevalence of PA is not increased in patients with DM, it should be screened in patients with refractory AH or persistent hypocalemia. In patients with DM, cortisol metabolism should also be evaluated to rule the presence of hypercortisolism in a mixed adenoma.


hiperaldosteronismo; HAP; hipocalemia; hipertensão arterial sistêmica; diabete melito; aldosterona

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