The Laboratory as a Site for Research on Acting: relationships between art and science



Actor, Methodology, Laboratory, Performative Research, Neurosciences.


This article focuses on new knowledge perspectives proposed by research on onstage practice within the performing arts. It is based on the notion of the laboratory as a backbone, methodological framework, and place for exploring research-creation projects. Our study offers critical reflections on research procedures, taking the actor’s creative process as our object of study. We go on to establish a connection between theoretical dimensions and practical expressions, through analysis of two research projects that confront performance practice with its underlying scientific premises. Lastly, different modes for publishing and disseminating the results of research on onstage practice are discussed.


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Biografia do Autor

Martín Fons Sastre, EScuela Superior de Arte Dramático de las Islas Baleares (ESADIB)

Head of the department of Theater Theory, Academic Secretary and professor at the School of Dramatic Art in the Balearic Islands (ESADIB). Doctor in Theory and History of Art (specializing Performing Arts) with the thesis: Scientific Foundations of the creative process of the actor. Perspectives study. Professor at the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB). He has participated in international conferences on the theater, publishing various studies and articles on its two lines of research: the contemporary performing arts and the creative process of the actor. He has published books: The creative process of the actor (2009) Actor: from art to science (2013) and Actor and memory. Performing arts, creativity and neuroscience (2016).



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Sastre, M. F. (2021). The Laboratory as a Site for Research on Acting: relationships between art and science. Revista Brasileira De Estudos Da Presença, 11(4), 01–25. Recuperado de



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