Which one is the best? A quasi-experimental study comparing frameworks for unplugged gamification

Wilk Oliveira, Armando M. Toda, Paula T. Palomino, Luiz Rodrigues, Seiji Isotani


Despite many studies proposing and evaluating frameworks to design gamified environments in education, there is still difficulty in making end-users
(e.g., teachers, instructors, and designers) use these services and assess which ones are most appropriate for their context. We tackled this challenge by comparing two frameworks to design a gamified non-virtual class, through a quasiexperimental study. Our main results indicate that one of the frameworks (Six
Steps to Gamification - 6D) proved to be more adaptable to the context and the other (GAMIFY-SN) was more complete to associate the gamification elements
within the instructor’s final objectives in the gamified class. Thus, our results promote a contribution to end-users through insights on which the most suitable framework to use in each situation.


frameworks, GAMIFY-SN

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22456/1679-1916.105971

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