v. 19 n. 1 (1999): Revista HCPA

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     The concept of a University Hospital implies the ideas of assistance,
teaching and research. However, it is clear that the concept behind Hospital
de Clínicas de Porto Alegre is much wider. At our Hospital, we are also
concerned with community programs, with sharing pertinent information, and
with developing projects that are important for the communities that we serve.
     Despite the tight resources, we work hard to complete the projects we start.
In our experience with Revista HCPA, we have noticed that HCPA staff
are ready to respond promptly to the challenges they are presented with.
     This is reflected in the enthusiasm with which our colleagues have accepted
the task of Associate Editor, helping to organize each issue of our journal
around a specific topic. The participation of these Associate Editors has meant
more consistency and higher scientific content, with more original,
experimental, work. Also, it has given more visibility to the research developed
in our Institution, and has ensured space for relevant clinical reviews.
      Therefore, Revista HCPA has recently been receiving a larger number of
inquiries and requests for regular subscriptions.

Eduardo Passos



Publicado: 2022-06-08

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