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v. 1 n. 1 (2014): Debates Sociológicos Contemporâneos

The international scope of transnational arbitration agreements and their effect on United States corporations

  • Allen Linken
April 3, 2014


This note focuses on the history of arbitration to provide a general background of arbitration, in Part II, and a discussion of federal and international arbitration acts, in Part III.  Subsequent to that, in Part IV, there is a discussion on the backbone of the United States’ transnational arbitration policy adopted by the United States Supreme Court by looking at decisional law and analyzing the language used.  Subsequent to that, the realities of transnational business will be examined in Part IV, followed by the recognition of judgments against American domiciliaries, in Part VI.  Finally, this note will examine the pitfalls that this policy creates in Part VII, and alternative, more isolationist, policies will be examined to the existing policy will be examined in Part VIII.


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