Photography as a visual note for printmaking


  • Niura Legramante Ribeiro UFRGS



Photography. Printmaking. Contemporary Art.


Since the emergence of photography in the 19th century, technical image is known to have provided compositional reasons for printmakers’ creation processes. This article addresses relations between photography and printmaking in the works of certain contemporary artists. The photograph as a record of a light snapshot, spatial landscape structures, body memories, among others is found in the works of artists such as Alex Flemming, Claudio Mubarac, Lurdi Blauth, Marco Buti, Maristela Salvatori, Miriam Tolpolar, and Regina Silveira. The study seeks to show how photography-based prints may or may not retain evidence of photographic codes.


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Biografia do Autor

Niura Legramante Ribeiro, UFRGS

Is a Professor and researcher at the Graduate Studies Program in Visual Arts and the Department of Visual Arts of the UFRGS Institute of Arts. She holds a PhD in Visual Arts from HTCA, UFGRS and a Masters’ Degree in Arts from ECA/USP. During her PhD studies, she spent a period in Paris with photography researcher Dr. Michel Poivert as her advisor. She conducts research on the relations between photography and other art media, with the thesis “Between Lens and Brush: interfaces of languages” (Entre a Lente e o Pincel: interfaces de linguagens). She has published in this area and participates in scientific events about art.



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Ribeiro, N. L. (2018). Photography as a visual note for printmaking. PORTO ARTE: Revista De Artes Visuais, 23(38).