Mosaik and PADE: Multiagents and Co-simulation for smart grids modeling


  • Lucas Silveira Melo Federal University of Ceará
  • Filipe Saraiva
  • Ruth Leão
  • Raimundo Furtado Sampaio
  • Giovanni Cordeiro Barroso



multi-agent system, co-simulation, smart grids, distributed energetic resources


This paper describes the integration process between two tools in order to perform co-simulation for representation and analysis of dynamic environments in the context of smart grids. The integrated tools are Mosaik, a software to co-simulation management, and PADE, a software to multi-agent systems development. As a study case for demonstrate the integration, a scenary was utilized composed of a low voltage electricity distribution grid with 37 load bus, 20 photo-voltaic distributed generations, randomly connected to load bus, as well as, 20 PADE agents associated to distributed generation, modeling the behavior of electricity storage systems. The simulation results show the integration happening and demonstrate how useful is to model the dynamics of distributed electric resources with multi-agent systems.


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Melo, L. S., Saraiva, F., Leão, R., Sampaio, R. F., & Barroso, G. C. (2020). Mosaik and PADE: Multiagents and Co-simulation for smart grids modeling. Revista De Informática Teórica E Aplicada, 27(2), 107–115.



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