Micronutrients involved in growth

Aline Lopes Bueno, Mauro Antônio Czepielewski


The infant habits have suffered drastic alterations in the last decades. The avoidance of fruits, vegetables, meat and milk prod-ucts, with the preference to artificial and industrialized products observed among children have raised concerned among the health work-ing groups. This is due to the studies that have demonstrated the negative influence of insufficient intake of some nutrients on infant growth and developing. Considering this problem, we wrote this article to clarify some doubts about the functions and importance of some micronutrients such as zinc, iron, vitamin A, folic acid, calcium and vitamin D, as well as nutritional recommendations, as a contribution to the elaboration of treatment and nutritional strategies that would ensure children growth and development.


Crescimento; micronutrientes; alimentação; Deficiência de Micronutrientes; Recomendações Nutricionais (RDA)

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