Evidence-based nursing in cardiology

Eneida Rejane Rabelo da Silva, Graziella Badin Aliti, Fernanda Bandeira Domingues, Michelli Cristina da Silva Assis, Marco Aurélio Saffi, Joelza Chisté Linhares, Solange Braum


This work presents our recent results on the management of cardiovascular patients. The effect of educational and follow-up strategies on the quality of nursing care of these patients (pts) was investigated in randomized clinical trials (RCT). The first RCT evaluated the effect of individual education and group training on the level of knowledge about the disease and self-care in pts with heart failure (HF). Results showed a better knowledge about essential measures (controlled consumption of salt and water, daily weight gain, physical activities) in the intervention group (P=0.008), showing that group and individual training are similarly effective. The second RCT was performed in the hospital environment, and compared the effect of nurse training and telephone follow-up after discharge with training without telephone follow-up. We observed that educational intervention during hospitalization improves the level of knowledge on the disease, self-care and quality of life (P<0.001) in HF pts, with or without telephone follow-up (P=0.9). Two RCTs are under way. The first study evaluates the effect of nurse training on oral anticoagulant therapy and modification of vitamin K consumption versus conventional treatment on the level of knowledge, adhesion and stability of anticoagulation levels. The second study evaluates the costs and clinical efficacy of the educational intervention on the nursing staff versus conventional care on the reduction of risk estimates for cardiovascular events in pts with coronary artery disease.


Enfermagem Baseada em Evidência; Insuficiência Cardíaca Congestiva; Anticoagulação Oral, Fatores de Risco

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