Effectiveness of chemical agents in disinfecting dental anesthetic cartridges

Mateus José Dutra, Daniela Jorge Corralo, Daniela Dal Olmo Merib, Jayne De Oliveira Manica, Laura Mezzalira Quevedo, Marcos Eugênio de Bittencourt, Patricia Borsatto Zenatti


During dental care, the patient may be exposed to various sources of contamination, so the dental team should always implement biosecurity actions. Non-autoclavable materials such as anesthetic cartridges need to be disinfected prior to use because they are not sterile and can transmit pathogens between patients. This study aimed to evaluate and compare the effectiveness of three disinfectant solutions to reduce microbial load in dental anesthetic cartridges. Anesthetic cartridges (n = 31) were randomly chosen and submitted to different methods and disinfectants (70% Alcohol, 7% Chlorine Dioxide; 5.2% Benzalkonium Chloride with 3.5% Polyhexamethylene Biguanide). After immersion or friction methods of disinfection, the tubes were seeded in culture medium containing trypticase soy broth and incubated (48h/37 ºC). Samples of liquid culture medium were picked and seeded in trypticase soy agar, incubated for 48h at 37 ºC. Microbial growth was observed by the number of colonies forming units (CFUs) grown on the agar. The study concluded that 70% Alcohol and 5.2% Benzalkonium Chloride with 3.5% Polyhexamethylene biguanide have been shown to be most effective in eliminating the microbial contamination of the cartridges by the friction method, and that the anesthetic cartridges actually have contamination of their external surface. The study proved that the friction method is most effective in reducing microbial load compared to immersion. Of the agents tested, 7% Chlorine Dioxide did not show a satisfactory level of disinfection


Disinfection; Anesthetics, local; Control agents for microorganisms; Containment of biohazards; Dentists

DOI: https://doi.org/10.22456/2177-0018.97389

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