Functional and aesthetic rehabilitation of patient with worn dentition: a minimally invasive approach

Gisele Heise, Juliana Keiko Prado Kiguti, Fernando Ruppel Osternack, Carlos Eduardo Edwards Rezende


Introduction: Generalized worn dentition may lead to occlusal plane deterioration, causing compromising of esthetics and function of the dentition, what can lead to complex oral rehabilitation scenarios. Clinical study: Patient SSS, 62 years old, stable systemic health, with all teeth, presenting generalized tooth wear caused by attrition. As part of the treatment, a removable overlay has been used to increase the patient’s OVD and allowing for the needed space for tooth reconstruction. afterwards all elements of the lower dental arch as well of tooth #11, 12, 13, 14, 21, 22, 23 and 24, were restored with the use of direct composite resin. With this all damages affecting the form, function and aesthetics of the involve elements have been corrected with a minimally invasive and low-cost approach. Conclusion: This case demonstrated a minimally invasive restorative treatment with the use of direct restorations in composite resin, which can be considered as an alternative for reconstruction of attrition-worn dentition, presenting excellent short-term results.


Tooth wear; Oral rehabilitation; Direct restoration


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