Occlusal rehabilitation through provisional overlay removable partial denture: case report

Karolina Morais Leite, Lázara Isabel Vieira Leal, Mônica Oliveira Carrijo, Uriel Paulo Coelho, Paulo Cézar Simamoto Júnior, Luana Cardoso Cabral


Severe loss of dental structure can lead to decreased occlusal vertical dimension (OVD). Several procedures are recommended to restore OVD; for instance, temporary partial overlay-type prostheses can be used during the initial procedure. Aim: reporting the restoration of the decreased OVD based on the use of upper arch overlay prosthesis, temporary removable partial prosthesis and composite resin restorations in the lower arch. Case report: A 54-year-old male patient presented to the Oral Rehabilitation Clinic of Morgana Potrich Dentistry School (Mineiros City/GO, Brazil) complaining about aesthetic and functional deficiencies affecting his teeth. Extra-oral examination revealed deep nasolabial sulci, commissural lip pit and anterior mandibular projection. The intra-oral examination revealed tip-to-tip bite and significantly worn upper and lower teeth, as well as missing teeth. Thus, initial rehabilitation based on upper arch overlay, temporary removable partial denture and direct restorations in the lower arch was suggested. Functional molding was performed for model obtainment. Metric and phonetic techniques were combined in order to measure OVD and to assemble models in semi-adjustable articulators. Prostheses were installed after acrylization and, subsequently, the lower anterior teeth were restored. Conclusions: The use of overlay prosthesis enables initial OVD restoration. In addition, the combination of this procedure to direct restorations, or to temporary removable partial dentures, has restored oral aesthetics, function and comfort.


Vertical dimension; Denture partial; Mouth rehabilitation


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