Odontogenic keratocysts: a 22-year epidemiological study and case report

Fernanda Chiguti Yamashita, Gustavo Nascimento de Souza Pinto, Mariliani Chicarelli, Lilian Cristina Vessoni Iwaki, Elen de Souza Tolentino, Liogi Iwaki Filho


Odontogenic Keratocyst (OKC) is a cyst that presents local aggression and a high recurrence; thus, a better understanding of its clinical characteristics and treatment options is required. The aim of this study is to report a case and describe the epidemiology and characteristics of OKCs diagnosed at a referral service for patients with oral lesions. Patients with histopathological diagnosis of OKC were included in the sample over 22 years. The study highlights the demographic and clinical-radiological characteristics, as well as the treatment options. In addition, a case of an extensive OKC in the mandible is reported. 3064 medical records were analyzed and 16 cases of OKC (0.52%) were found, with two recurrences (12.5%). The mean age of the patients was 33.19 years, being the third decade of life more affected (31.25%), with equal prevalence for both sexes. The mandible was more affected (68.75%), mainly its body. The differential diagnosis included the dentigerous cyst (11.54%) and the ameloblastoma (11.54%). The most frequent treatment was the curettage enucleation (50%). In the reported case, enucleation associated with cryotherapy was performed, followed by rehabilitation with xenogen graft and osseointegrated implant. OKC presents a wide spectrum of differential diagnoses due to its non-specific clinical-radiographic characteristics. The case reported shows that treatments such as enucleation may be efficient when accompanied by adjuvant techniques.


Epidemiology; Diagnosis; Odontogenic cysts

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