Periapical radiography in the diagnostic support for salivary calculus in the Stensen duct: a case report

Menara Elen Silva Martins, Thaís Christine Borges Fernandes, Zilda Fagundes Lima Oliveira, Francisco José Bento da Silva, Fabiana de Freitas Bombarda-Nunes, Fernanda Mombrini Pigatti


Salivary calculus, also known as sialolithiasis, is an alteration that affects the salivary glands and/or their ducts promoting an obstruction of these through deposition of minerals in the ductal system. The most frequent gland is the submandibular gland, followed by the parotid, sublingual and minor salivary glands. The diagnosis can be made with the help of radiographs, in addition to the semi-technical features of palpation. The diagnostic hypothesis is confirmed after excisional biopsy with the removal of the salivary calculus. The objective of this study is to report a case of a 62-year-old patient who had a complaint of “dry mouth”. During the clinical examination, no alterations were observed; however, a radiopaque image was observed in the periapical radio- graph in the right upper molar region, which, during palpation, presented as a hardened/stony consistency nodule, suggestive of parotid sialolith. An excisional biopsy was performed confirming the diagnostic hypothesis. The patient was followed for a period of 6 months without signs of recurrence of the lesion.


Salivary gland calculi; Parotid gland; Diagnostic imaging


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