Root canal access: guidelines

Elaine Freitas Vianna Fachin, Letícia Algarves Miranda, Patrícia Weidlich


The aim of the present investigation is to provide guide lines during coronal access. Thirty extracted teeth were selected: 10 central incisors, 10 first lower molars and 10 first upper molars. These teeth were radiographed and lines were drawn from theen trance of the buccal canal orifices to a point chosen in the coronal surface. The lines were transferred to the buccal side of the extracted teeth and the access were performed with number 700 burs placed parallel to the drawn lines. There was coincidence between lines and canal orifices in all cases. The line angle in the upper molars was 16,40 and in the lower molars 28,050. The medium distance from the mesio-buccal canal to the external root mesial wall was 2,58 mm in the upper molars and 2,63mm in the lower molars. The line length in the upper molars was 8,8 mm, lower molars 9,15mm and 10,8mm for the central incisors. These findings help bur penetration, canal localization and canal flaring during coronal access.


Root canal therapy; Root canal access; Access cavity


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e-ISSN 2177-0018 / ISSN 0566-1854.

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