Arteriosclerosis Prevalence in Inflammatory Hiperplasia Biopsy on the Oral Mucosa*

Tatiana Andrea Soares Pinto, Pantelis Varvaki Rados, João Jorge Diniz Barbachan, Manoel Sant'Ana Filho


The word hiperplasia is related to the cellular proliferation that can be caused by many ethiological factors. Considering these different types of hiperplasias, we will emphasize those that were caused by the use of non-adapted dental prosthesis. The inflammatory hiperplasia is characterized by the oral mucosa proliferation, due to the increase of the rythm of the cellular division with the mantainance of the morphofunctional pattern of these celis. The arteriosclerosis is a disease characterized by the inextensibility and weakness of vessels by the presence of lipid in the intimal tunic. Considering that arteriosclerosis and the use of prosthesis are common findings in people over 35-40 years old, we tried to study the prevalence of this pathology in the blood vessels of hiperplasia biopsies. The correlation between arteriosclerosis and inflammatory hiperplasia was done using inflammatory hiperplasia biopsies as an additional source for arteriosclerosis diagnostic. After a checking inflammatory hiperplasia cases registered in the last 5 years at Pathology Laboratory of FO-UFRGS, it was done a microscopycal observation of the colored material by hematoxiline-eosine. As a result, we found that from 166 (100%) of the registered cases, 75 (45,2%) showed arteries and/or veins, beyond capillaries. From these 75 (100%) biopsies, 35 (46,6%) showed arteriosclerosis morphological signs. These signs were evidenced by the visualization of vacuolized cells in the inmost vessels wall. Our findings suggest that inflammatory hiperplasia biopsies are diagnostic tools to arteriosclerosis.


Inflammatory hiperplasia; Arteriosclerosis; Oral mucosa


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