Treatment of Angle Class II malocclusions with Frankel appliance (FR-2)

Paulo Sérgio Toledo de Magalhães, Weber José da Silva Ursi, Luiz Kiyoaki Okazaki


Through a literature review the effects of treatment with Frankel appliance(FR-2) in Class Il malocclusions was evaluated. The results indicated that, in the post-treatment phase, the Frankel appliance does not influence maxillary growth. Mandibular growth and protrusion are increased more significantly to the Frankel groups than control groups. The appliance improved the maxilo-mandibular relationship, as a result of effects on the maxillary and mandibular components. Upper facial heights and facial growth direction were not influenced by the Frankel appliance. Anterior lower and posterior facial heights were increased by treatment. Maxillary dentoalveolar region retractive effects were noted in the incisors and mandibular dentoalveolar proinclination effects were noted in the incisors. Maxillary and mandibular arch width increased more significantly than in control groups. Soft tissue profile did not change significantly in the upper lips, with little opening of the naso-labial angle and significantly opening of the labio-mental fold angle.


Malocclusion; Angle Class II


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e-ISSN 2177-0018 / ISSN 0566-1854.

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