Shear bond strenght to enamel of orthodontic brackets bonded with bonded with different adhesive materials

Lisa Klein Zanini, José Renato Prietsch, Ewerton Nocchi Conceição, Diego Azevedo Bastian Manfredi


The aim of this study was to evaluate the shear bond strength to enamel of different adhesive materials to orthodontic brackets. Forty extracted human lower incisors with sound enamel were divided in four groups. In group A, the composite resin (Concise/3M) was used with diluted technique; in group B, the same composite resin was used, but in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions; in group C, orthodontic primer (Ortho-one/Bisco) was associated with a flouride-containing composite resin (Resinomer/Bisco); and in group D, the adhesive (Concise/3M) were associated with a glass-ionomer cement (Vitremer cimentacdo/ 3M). After mouting and storage of the samples at 37°C, for 24 hours, the shear bond strength was determined using a universal testing machine (Losenhausenwerk, Germany). The results were analysed by an analysis of variance and a Tuckey's Test (p<0,05). The group A was statistically different than group B, and both in relation to groups C and D.


Shear Bond Strength; Dental Enamel; Adhesives


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