linical Evaluation of 0 5% Basic fucsin and 1% Acid Hedin propylene glycol as caries detecting dyes in primary teeth

Carla Kluck Picon, Viviane Zis, Márcia Cançado Figueiredo


The efficacy of traditional criteria in detection of decayed, infected and demineralized dentin has been a matter of discussion among researchurs, who report failures,from students and professionals in Dentistry, to determine clinically which dentin must be removed. This study aimed to asses clinically the effectiveness of two caries detecting dyes (0,5% basic fucsin and 1% Acid Red, both in propylene glycol), used by some examinor after 100 cavity preparations in primary teeth, done by Dental School students at the Pedodontics discipline at the Federal Universit of Rio Grande do Sul. The results were as follows: 82% of the dentin was marked by the dyes. The student T test showed no statistically significant differences for the independent samples, as weel as to the comparison between cavity floor and enamel-dentin juntion. it was concludet that there is discrepancy in the clinical visual method and the detecting dyes.


Pediatric Dentistry; Dental Cavity


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