Computerized Cephalometric and angular study on black race's linear dimension frontal norm

Josimário João da Silva, Marília Gerhardt de Oliveira


The objective of this research is to set up a relation between computerized cephalometric dimensions, attained by means of 40 teleradiographies in frontal norm, gotten from black race patientes of both sexes, toothed and clinically symmetrical from the frontal view and the established. standard by the SMTC program (Measurement System and Cephalometric Design) for white race individuals; as weil as io perform a comparative study between both sexes - male and female, in order to evaluate linear and angular cephalometric dimensions of black race individuals based on the frontal Ricketts analysis, which uses the measures that establish the mandible transverse dimensions of the lower jawbone, the face, the vertical and transversal nasal, besides the angular measures which give the dimensions of the postural symmetry and the mandibular-maxillary line.


Computerized Cephalometry; Frontal Teleradiography; Black Race; Analysis of Frontal Ricketts


Licença Creative Commons

e-ISSN 2177-0018 / ISSN 0566-1854.

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