Suture techniques comparatives study in rabbit oral mucosa



This comparative study assessed two distinct suturing techniques. Individual interrupted sutures and horizontal mattress sutures were placed in both sides of rabbits' mandibles, in edentulous sites between the incisors and mandibular molars under tension forces. Both suturing techniques were performer in oral mucosa in immediate contact with the underlying bone and in areas not supported by bone tissue. This research investigated two groups of 15 rabbits each. The individual interrupted sutures were evaluated in group 1, and the hori¬zontal mattress sutures in group 2. ln the left sides of each mandible of groups 1 and 2, the sutures were placed over a bone cavity. A clinical inspection and evaluation was performed at the second (2nd), seventh (7th) and thirtyth (30th) post-operative day. At the 30th day a tissue specimen was collected for histological evaluation as well. According to the analysis of the data gathered, this study concluded that both suturing techniques are efficient to provid wound margin adaptation and closure. Scar tissue was evident in group 1 (interrupted sutures), and not noticeable in the group 2 (horizontal mattress sutures).


Suture; Wound healing; Tissue repair


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