Prevalence of fluorosis in two citys with and without artificial fluoridated water, in 1987 and 1997/98.

Marisa MALTZ, Berenice Barbachan e SILVA, Andrea SCHAEFFER, Cláudia FARIAS


This study compares the prevalence and severity of dental fluorosis for two periods of time (1987 and 1997/98) in two cities: Porto Alegre, with artificial fluoridated water and Arroio do Tigre, with natural fluoride in water. A group of 8-9-year-old students of Schools in Arroio do Tigre, RS, Brazil (n=110 e 101 in 1987 and 1998) and Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil (a=117 and 135 in 1987 and 1997) were examined. The fluoride concentration in Porto Alegre has been evaluated from 1979 up to 1996, the correspondent period for the examined children’s enamel formation and maturation. A wide variation of fluoride concentration in water has been observed in Porto Alegre, ranging from 0,13-1,11 ppm F from 1979-1987 (10 months without fluoridation) and from 0,10-1,02 ppm F from 1988-1996 (8 months without fluoridation). Classification of dental fluorosis was made according to the Thylstrup and Fejerskov Indices after plaque removal and air-drying. In the two cities the fluorosis prevalence increased during the studied period. The percentage of children with fluorosis raised from 0% and 29,7% in Arroio do Tigre and from 7,7% and 32,6% in Porto Alegre from 1987 to 1997/98. The prevalence of children with fluorosis was similar in Arroio do Tigre and Porto Alegre in 1997/98 (p> 0,05%), however the severity of fluorosis was higher for Porto Alegre than Arroio do Tigre. In 1987, the children in Porto Alegre had TF1 (6,84%) and TF2 (0,86%). In 1997/98, the children in Arroio do Tigre had only TF1 (29,7%), while in Porto Alegre they had TF 1 (28,15%), TF2 (3,71%) and TF3 (0,74%). The increased prevalence and severity of fluorosis from 1987 to 1997/98 was probably due to the intensive use of fluoride in different methods of topical application combined, in Porto Alegre, with the fluoride presence in the water supply.


Flucrosis; Fluoridation; Fluoretad dendifrices


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