Flexural Strenght Of Acrylic Resin Cured By Microwave Oven

Fabrício OGLIARI, Fabrício Mezzomo COLLARES, Ulisses Bastos CAMPREGHER, Carmem Beatriz Borges FORTES, Suzana Maria Werner SAMUEL


Several researches have been done to optimize the methods of acrylic resin cure. Among the discoveries, the utilization of the microwave oven energy is included. For the Brazilian acrylic resins, the producers commend a cure cycle alternated from 3 minutes at 400W potency, 4 minutes at OW and 3 minutes at 800W. Trying to simplify even more the acrylic resin eure process, an alternative 3 minutes at 500W cyele is presented. The purpose of this study is to analyze this new cycle efficacy, through the flexural strength test, in agreement with the ISO specification number 1567, which requests a minimum value of 65Mpa. Ten specimens of acrylic resin therm-cured in the microwave oven of Onda Cryla brand, were made. They’re divided in two groups: the control group (C), cured in agreement to the producers orientations, and the experimental group (E), cured for 3 minutes at 500W of potency. The tests were made in a tests machine and the following medium results of flexural strength in MPa were obtained: C 83,85 (46,51) and E 89,72 (46,84). With the results, it’s licit to conclude that with regard to the flexural strength, the microwave cured resin Onda Cryla, can be cured in the reduced cycle from 3 minutes at 500W, once the results obtained with the present study attend to the ISO specification number 1567.


Microwave oven; Acrylic resin; Flexural strength

DOI: https://doi.org/10.22456/2177-0018.7675

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e-ISSN 2177-0018 / ISSN 0566-1854.

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