Resilients materials in dental prostheses: a review of properties

Ana Carolina MIESSI, Eduardo Passos ROCHA, Paulo Renato Junqueira ZUIM, Wirley Gonçalves ASSUMPÇÃO, Marcelo Coelho GOIATO


The soft denture lining materials are used at the dentistry clinic with the purpose of providing larger comfort and improving masti¬catory function to the patients that are used of partial or total prostheses. However, most of the prostheses reline with soft liners do not possess satisfactory longevity, due to fact of the soft liners suffer several types of flaws elapsing of the time and of the use. It was objective of this study to establish, through the accomplishment of a bibliographical re-vision, the principal flaws that can be related to the soft liners. It was verified that the most common type of flaw is the lack of adhesion to the base of rigid resin, however, loss of the elastic properties, sorption, solubility of the substances taking to the occurrence of dimensional changes, color changes and co¬lonization of the soft liners by oral yeasts were present in this bibliographical revision. It was concluded that the soft liners are important in the treatment of the edentulous or parti¬ality edentulous patients, because the swin¬ging of advantages and disadvantages can be accepted when the soft liner is incorpora-ted to a dimensionally and rigid base.


Prostheses; Soft liners; Physical properties


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e-ISSN 2177-0018 / ISSN 0566-1854.

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