Tetracycline-stained teeth: how do we treat?

Maria Cecíia Guimarães Lima PINTO, Gabriela Queiroz de Melo MONTEIRO, Pollyana Rabelo Borba CARVALHO, Guebler Florencio Bezerra de MELO, Cláudio Heliomar Vicente da SILVA


Dental discolorations caused by drugs like tetracycline usually result in a unpleasant smi¬le. Such change causes embarrassment and even some kind of discomfort to patients; it also worries dentists which are always sear¬ching for more conservative and inexpensive treatments, in order to supply the expectations of patients that wish to have a healthy and bri¬ght smile. Non-invasive tecniques, like blea¬ching with chemical agents and invasive tecni¬ques like restorative procedures are some al-ternative. The purpose of this study is to revi¬ew the literature about the tetracycline me¬chanism and its side-effects in teeth, as well as to discuss the possibilities of color reverse in tetracycline-stained teeth using case report.


Dental esthetics; Hydrogen peroxide; Tetracycline; Teeth bleaching

DOI: https://doi.org/10.22456/2177-0018.7640

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e-ISSN 2177-0018 / ISSN 0566-1854.

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