The interaction between diabetes mellitus and estomatologic alterations

Fernando Barcellos do AMARAL, Heloísa Emília Dias da SILVEIRA, Sandra Pinho SILVEIRO


Diabetes mellitus produces many com¬plex changes in the lives of those affected. Elevated blood glucose levels, which may occur in the absence of symptons, lead to late complications from tissue damage. Over the past 10 years several studies have been published pointing towards a relationship be¬tween diabete mellitus and various systemic and oral diseases or disorders. Furthermo¬re, chronic oral infection itself may contribu-te to raised blood glucose levels and hence to the later complications of diabetes. The most common oral disease related to diabe¬tes mellitus are periodontal disease, impai¬red wound healing, oral neuropathy, redu¬ced salivar flow, dental caries and oral can¬didiasis. Recent findings suggest that the dental team may contribute greatly to the shared care of diabetes with diabetic team itself. The purpose of this review was to find out esto¬matologic manifestations related to diabetes mellitus.


Diabetes mellitus; Oral diseases; Periodontal disease; Dental caries; Neuropathy; Candidiasis


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e-ISSN 2177-0018 / ISSN 0566-1854.

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