Methodology validation of microscopic analysis of dysplasics signs {who) in the epithelium of inflammatory hiperplasias

Tiago Pinto CARVALHO, Cristiano Macabú BADAUY, João Jorge Diniz BARBACHAN, Pantelis Varvaki RADOS


The aim of this study was to develop a reliable methodology for the microscopic study of dysplasic characteristics in the epithelial of the inflammatory hyperplasias. Were randomized 10 cases of inflammatory hyper-plasia located in gingiva-alveolar mucosa, associated to use of prothesis, stored in the files of the Laboratory of Buccal Pathology of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. The cases were obtained from excise biopsy, fixed in formalin (10%) and para-ffin-embedded. Every cases was cut in hys-tologial sections and stained with hematoxy- lin/eosin. The slides were evaluated in optical microscope (100 and 400x) for an examiner previously calibrated (k= 0,63) in agreement with the criteria of epithelial dysplasia. Five, 7 and 9 fields of each case were evaluated and after compared with the analysis of the whole extension of the epithelium of the lesion. The results showed a sensibility„of ,§7,14%,$ 85,71% and 100 0/o for the 5 , 7 and 9 fields respectively; and a specificity of 100%, for the 3 groups. It was concluded that observation of five aleatory microscopic fields is satisfatory for the research of dysplasic characteristics in the epithelium of inflammatory hyperplasias.


Inflamatory hyperplasia; Oral pathology; Oral diagnóstic; Epithelial dysplasia


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