P53 protein reactivity in odontogenic lesions: An immunohistochemical study

Márcia Gaiger de OLIVEIRA, Isabel da Silva LAUXEN, Manoel Sant'Ana FILHO


The purpose of this study was to investigate p53 immunoexpression in some odontogenic lesions. Fifty-seven odontogenic lesions were studied: 12 radicular cysts, 17 dentigerous cysts, 16 calcifying odontogenic cysts and 12 parakeratinized odontogenic keratocyst. All samples were stained for p53. The number of positive cells and staining intensity varied for the different types of lesions. Radicular cysts had the greatest number of positive cells, followed by calcifying odontogenic cysts. Most of the positive cells in the parakeratinized odontogenic keratocysts were in the suprabasal layer. Both parakeratinized odontogenic keratocysts and calcifying odontogenic cysts showed more intense and better defined staining than the other types of cysts. Considering the characteristics of odontogenic keratocysts and the fact that their p53 expression is similar to that of calcifying odontogenic cysts, we suggest that odontogenic lceratocysts should be classified as tumors.


p53; Odontogenic lesions; Immunohistochemistry

DOI: https://doi.org/10.22456/2177-0018.7599

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e-ISSN 2177-0018 / ISSN 0566-1854.

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