Contemporary approach of the carious injuries adjacent to restorations inthe pedodonticsclinical

Gisele Pedroso MOI, Fernando Borba de ARAUJO, Juliana Samento BARATA


In Dentistry, the hydroxapatite has been researched and applied for treatment modalities that evolve alveolar bone loss, in dentolous and edentolo us areas. Hydroxiapatite particles were used for the correction of bone sequelae after extraction of the upper right central incisor. The bone defect of the buccal face of the lateral incisor was filled, too. Sixteen months later, this tooth was extracted because of a root fracture. Macroscopic examination showed fixed HA particles on root‘s surface, rounded by soft tissue. The histological findings did not showed evidence of rejection or expulsion of implant particles. These were found completely encapsulated by connective tissue, keeping a parallel orientation of human periodontal fibers. Cementary reaction was observed in some areas, too.


Bone; Hydroxiapatite; Surgery oral


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e-ISSN 2177-0018 / ISSN 0566-1854.

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