Atypical Odontalgia – Review of Literature

Márcia Elisa PERONDI, Daiane Vanin PINTO, Maria Cristina MUNERATO


The Atypical Odontalgia (AO) it is an important clinical entity, because the pain is neuropatic for deafferentation and it happens “in the tooth”, however it is not “toothache.” It is characterized by pain in a tooth or pain in a ranch where a tooth was extracted, with absence of clinical signs or radiographics that accuse a disease. A lot of times for the patients’ insistence the endodontic treatment is accomplished, but it doesn’t happen relief of the pain. Like this, invasives treatments continue being accomplished including endodontic retreatment, apicectomy and finally the extraction of the tooth. Being an illness that can bring some diagnostic difficulty for the surgeon-dentist, the knowledge of their characteristics becomes necessary. This way, this article presents a literature revision on this entity, where the following topics are approached: epidemiology and clinical signs, diagnosis criteria, aetiology, differential diagnosis and therapeutic approaches.


Atypical Odontalgia; Orofacial pain; Unusual orofacial pain; Deafferentation


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