Oral Conditions of Chronic Cardiac Patients

Jasper da Silva Schütz, Manuela Furtado Flores, Márlon Munhoz Montenegro, Mariana Vargas Furtado, Carisi Anne Polanczyc, Alex Nogueira Haas, Cassiano Kuchenbecker Rösing


Aim: Describe the oral health condition and oral health related behavioral habits of individuals with chronic coronary artery disease that have been followed in a cardiologic unit in the University Hospital of Porto Alegre. Materials and Methods: 100 consecutive patients that frequented the unit were evaluated between June 2011 and March 2012. Demographics, socioeconomic and behavioral data were obtained from all participants. An oral examination with the following variables was performed: visible plaque and gingival bleeding indexes, gingival recession (GR), periodontal probing depth (PPD), BOP, clinical attachment loss derived by the sum of GR and PPD, and DMFT. Results: The majority of individuals were from male gender and were over 60 years of age. Approximately half of the individuals were former smokers. More than three quarters of the sample reported to have irregular dental visits. The parameters related to the supragingival biofilm presented high means for plaque and gingival bleeding indexes equalig 68% and 47% respectively. More than half of the examined teeth presented PPD ≥4 mm, and subgingival bleeding was present in approximately three quarters of the examined sites. Most of the examined teeth presented CAL ≥6 mm. The mean tooth loss in the individuals of the present study was 13.2. Mean DMFT was 10.9. Conclusion: The present sample of chronic cardiovascular disease patients presented oral health conditions compatible with the epidemiology of oral diseases most prevalent in the Brazilian population. However, this condition is alarming in a health context since tooth loss and periodontal diseases have been associated with higher risks of cardiovascular events.


Periodontal disease. Cardiovascular disease.


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