A Review and discussion about the indicators for the demand forecast of the dental surgeons in Brazil

Antenor Amâncio Filho, Deison Alencar Lucietto, Sérgio Pacheco de Oliveria


This article has the main goal of discussing the demand for dental surgeons in Brazil starting from the indicator that expresses the proportion between the number of professionals and a determinedamount of the population identifi ed as adequate. Therefore , two indicators were observed: the fi rst is the classic indicator advocated by the World Health Organization (OMS); the second is the one proposed by the Ministry of Health (MS) for the re-organization of the Basic Health Attention in the country, through the Family Health Strategy (ESF). To achieve the proposed goals, the Bibliographical Research and the Documental Research were used. In this regard, the use of Health Human Resources Study and ResearchSources is highlighted. If the supporting indicator is the OMS, the results point to an excess and a bad distribution of the dentalsurgeons in the country. In the other hand, if the indicator advocated by the Ministry of Health is taken into consideration, the need of a high number of new work posts in public health is evident, to assure the universality of access to dental services. Lastly, it is brought up that the theme needs to be problematized inside the dentalclass, because the incoherence between the market demands and the rising offer of dental surgeons might bring undesired consequences, for both professionals and users of the provided actions and services.


Dentistry; Human resources; Population; Public health system

DOI: https://doi.org/10.22456/2177-0018.5146

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