Foramen debridement in the protocol of attendance of endodontists

Rosany Laurentina Santos Carvalho, Carolina dos Santos Guimarães, Roberto Alves Santos, José Thadeu Pinheiro


Introduction: Endodontics suffered the influence of a variety of concepts and philosophies that characterized the different periods of its evolution. Foramen Debridement is an endodontic procedure that aims the passive cleaness of cementary channel and can be considered as a pertinent example of controversial topics in endodontics. Objective: To evaluate the attitudes of endodontists in making the foramen debridement of necrotic pulp in cases with and without periapical lesion and which moment they consider convenient to carry out this surgical maneuver. Materials and methods: The study was conducted through a questionnaire to evaluate the knowledge of endodontists of Pernambuco Brazil, about foramen debridement. In this questionnaire could be found general information about identification and specific of foramen debridement procedure and its realization during biomechanical preparation of root canals diagnosed with pulp necrosis with or without periapical lesion radiographically visible. Results: The response rate, a sample of 115 professionals, was 63.5%. Most experts had over 20 years of graduates (49.5%) and when asked if they perform foramen debridement d 97.3% responded yes. Regarding the clinical situation in which perform the foramen debridement only 25.3% answered at all endodontic treatments and 54.9% in all cases necrosis. Conclusion: The results of this research suggest that foramen debridement Consolidated protocols endodontic specialists of Pernambuco.


Endodontics; debridement; decontamination


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e-ISSN 2177-0018 / ISSN 0566-1854.

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