Halogen curing light X led infl uence on compression resistence of composite resin

Danielle Figueiredo Accetta, Thalles Ribeiro Magalhães Filho, Karin de Mello Weig, Ricardo Carvalhaes Fraga


The purpose of this study was to verify the compression resistance of three composites used in direct restorations (Surefi l – Dentsply; Concept – Vigodent; Esthetx – Dentsply) polymerized through two types of curing lights: halogen (Gnatus) and light emitted diode (LED) (Gnatus). We made 30 bodies of evidence, 10 for each material, with 4mm in diameter by 6mm in length. Five bodies of evidence for each material were polymerized with halogen light and fi ve with LED. The polymerization and manipulation of materials were made following the instructions of manufacturers. After confection, the bodies of evidence were taken from machine test (Instron 4204) with load of 5KN and speed of 1.0mm/min for the test of compression resistance. The results were subjected to statistical analysis (ANOVA) and showed no statistically signifi cant difference between mean.


Resins composites; Dental materials

DOI: https://doi.org/10.22456/2177-0018.3454

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e-ISSN 2177-0018 / ISSN 0566-1854.

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