Breast and bottle-feeding and the development of the stomatognathic system

Luciano Casagrande, Fabiana Vargas Ferreira, Daiana Hahn, Daniele Taís Unfer, Juliana Rodrigues Praetzel


The morphofunctional interconnection of the oral cavity with the face determines a relation in the growing and development processes of these areas, making the facial functions (respiration, suction, swallowing, mastication and speech) responsible for the adequate environmental stimulus to the genetically determined growth. Because of this, the functional alterations could generate changes in the facial development, as well as in the structures the face is related to. The breast requires an intense muscular activity by the infant, promoting the suction, swallowing and respiration (vital and innate functions), stimulating the growth and development of the face and its annexes. In this study, the aim is to contextualize the importance of feeding (breast and bottle) to the development of the stomatognathic system, giving subsidies so that the general clinic dentist-surgeon has conditions to suspect of alterations in the facial neuromuscular physiological patterns and to guide the patient to a treatment with multidisciplinary attention, promoting the health at an early age


Feeding; Stomatognathic system; Face myofunctional disorders


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e-ISSN 2177-0018 / ISSN 0566-1854.

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