Comparative In Vitro Analysis of Wear Promoted in Thirds Cervical and Middle Mesiobuccal Root Canals of Superior molars by the K3 system and manual files associated with Gates Glidden Drills

Fernanda Ullmann LOPEZ, Gabriel FERRONATO, Orlando LIMONGI, Fernando BARLETTA, Luis Eduardo IRALA


Root canal instrumentation is one of the most important part in endodontic practice. The purpose of this study was to make an analysis of dental thickness in mesial and distal surfaces of maxillary mesiobuccal molar root canals after instrumentation with Gates Glidden drills and stainless steel hand files versus nickel titanium K3 rotary files. Twenty roots were cross-sectioned at 1mm apically to the canal root canal orifice and 1mm coronally to the curvature. Ten root canals had a coronal flaring with Gates Glidden 1 and Gates Glidden 2 and instrumentation with stainless steel hand files. Another ten roots, were shaped using K3 rotary files. The dental thickness was measured before and after the instrumentation in a stereomicroscope. The results were analysed by Student t Test (p


Gates glidden drills; K3 rotary files; Root canal preparation


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e-ISSN 2177-0018 / ISSN 0566-1854.

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