Preventive Actions against Oral Cancer and Disease Profile in State of Paraíba

Sônia Saeger MEIRELES, Lino João da COSTA


The aim of this study was traced the profile of oral cancer and also developing preventive actions against this disease in Paraíba state. There were analyzed 903 patients’ promptuaries, which 812 were filed in Dr. Napoleão Laureano´s Hospital (João Pessoa/ PB) referred to the period of 1998 to 2003, and 91 files in Cancerologia Ulisses Pinto´s Center (Campina Grande/PB) referred to the period of 1999 the 2002. The lectures had been pronounced in 27 cities using an illustrated specific album and informative folders. The data had been collected, tabulated and analyzed through software SPSS v.10.0. It was observed that men (64,5%) and people between 61 to 80 years of age (48,3%) had presented highest prevalence of the studied disease. The most frequent histological type was the squamous cell carcinoma (98%), mainly compromising the tongue (31,3%) and the lips (24,7%). The Agreste (20,3%) and Mata (19,5%) had been the macro-regions of the state with the highest cases records. This study verified that the profile of oral cancer did not suffer significant alterations in the last years as well it confirmed the imperfection of the dentistry services in the cities becoming important the inclusion of the dentists in programs of health promotion, aiming the prevention and diagnosis of oral cancer.


Oral cancer; Diagnostic; Prevention


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