Prevalence of dental fluorosis among adolescents of public schools in the urban area of Pelotas/RS, 2010

Andressa Raquel Spohr, Aryane Marques Menegaz, Morgana Favetti, Renata Zolin Flores, Tamara Horn, Tuane Benetti, Tania Izabel Bighetti


Objective: To know the prevalence and severity of dental fluorosis in 12 years old adolescents of schools of Pelotas/RS in 2010. Materials and Methods: We conducted a cross sectional study, using for six trained examiners the recommendations of the World Health Organization. We selected an aleatory systematic sample of students from 39 municipal schools in the urban area. The tooth parameter for classification of fluorosis was recorded, and the basis, we identified products with exposure to fluoride water type and amount of dentifrice. Results: We examined 32 adolescents (86.5%) of 37 schools were randomly selected students, bringing the number of 228 (91.2% of total). There were no cases of moderate or severe fluorosis and only 2 cases of mild fluorosis. The conditions that more it prevailed were questionable fluorosis (68.4%) and very mild (21%) being the upper premolars the most affected, with 122 observations (59.2%). The type of water reported by the scholars as the more consumed was a public supply (75.5%); and the amount of used toothpaste was 0,75g or more (86%). There was no significant statistical association between the presence of dental fluorosis and dentifrice in use above the recommended amount. Conclusion: We observed high prevalence and low severity of dental fluorosis; expected situation where levels of fluoride in public water supplies are the recommended, as is the case of Pelotas. Most of the students reported using amount of dentifrice indicated above. His contribution in the prevalence of dental fluorosis should be investigated by means of others designs studies.


Health surveys; dental fluorosis; dentifrices; fluoridation


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