Microtensile bond strength of a simplified self-etching adhesive to enamel: influence of multiple coats

Fabricio Mezzomo Collares, Vicente Castelo Branco Leitune, Fabrício Aulo Ogliari, Eduardo Schwartzer, Carmen Beatriz Borges Fortes, Susana Maria Werner Samuel


This study tested the null hypothesis that the number of applications of a self-etching primer would not infl uence the microtensile bond strength at the interface resin/enamel. Bovine teeth were fl atted to expose the prismatic enamel with wet 600 grit silicon carbide papers. The teeth were divided into two groups: FB 1coat, FuturaBond (Voco) applied according to the manufacturer’s instruction for 30 s; and, FB 4coats, applied four times, 30s each. Then, they were restored with Polofi l (Voco) resin composite. After 24h, samples were cut with a diamond low speed saw under water cooling to obtain stick-shaped specimens of approximately 0,5 mm2 cross-sectional area. The sticks underwent microtensile testing at a speed of 1 mm/min. The bond strength, in MPa, was: FB 1coat, 33.57 ±8.77 (18); FB 4coats: 33.57 ±8.77 (18). This values, at t student test, had not showed signifi cant difference (p=0.58). In this study, the number of coats did not interfere at the values of bond strength at the interface resin/enamel.


Self-etching primer; Enamel; Microtensile; Bonding agent; Dental materials

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22456/2177-0018.2452

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