Indirect adhesives restorations clinical option for infraoccluded primary molars

Carla Moreira Pitoni, Angela Scarparo Caldo-Teixiera, Izabel Cristina dos Santos Almeida, Ricardo de Souza Vieira


Infraoccluded primary molars is a common situation that can be diagnosed in ankylosed teeth. It is considered an etiological factor for the bad occlusion development. This article presents a literature review on etiology, diagnose and clinical implications of ankylosis and consequent infraoocclusion, and a case report using indirect adhesive restorations as a possibility of managment of this situation, providing functionality and avoiding the installation of occlusal disturbances. In this report, clinical and laboratorial phases involved in the confection of the restorations are presented.


Primary tooth; Ankylosis; Composite resin


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