Direct composite resin total crown: case report

Guilherme Anziliero Arossi, Leandro Azambuja Reichert, Adair Luiz Stefanello Busato


The constant evolution of surgical techniques and restorative materials has allowed impressive advances in dental reconstructions, allowing endodontically treated teeth with extensive coronary destruction to be reconstructed in a single session. The clinical application of composite resins, especially in posterior teeth has been widely accepted by professionals and patients due to the aesthetic issue and the resistance that the resin materials developed in the last 20 years. As for professionals, following the correct protocol is essential to improve the aesthetics and longevity of the restoration. This paper aims, through clinical case reports, to describe techniques for restoring largely destroyed anterior and posterior teeth using composite resins to build up crowns attached to direct fiberglass prefabricated pins. The cases reported here are an alternative procedure, low cost and rapid development, which could meet the needs of the patient, being a good choice of dental oral rehabilitation.


Permanent dental restoration; Dental crowns; Composite resins


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e-ISSN 2177-0018 / ISSN 0566-1854.

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