Public Administration of Odontology Difficulties and Perspectives

Elisabete Kasper


The present study focus the public management both on its difficulties and its perspective. The goal is to identify and describe the existence or not of difficulties and which are the perspectives in promoting the exercise of the referred administration. It has counted with the participation of ten persons — dental managers — who are working in Porto Alegre and surrounding towns. The content analysis method of thematic was used to analize the data which was validated by the triangulation technique. This method is appropriated to qualitative studies. The research concludes that the managers' difficulties are related to legal/ administrative aspects and ideological/ conceptual aspects as well as to the kind of health practice of the Brazilian Health System (S.U.S.). The managers are optimistic in relation to S.U.S. perspectives and have a disposition to make a good job as well as have the best performance as managers. The research reveals the need offering the right qualification to the public sector of human resource. In this sense, the "locus" of the pedagogic formation is the municipality itself.


Sanitary reform; Brazilian health system; Public health dentistry; Brazilian oral health system; Dentistry planning in the brazilian health system


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