Labor market: profile of the dental student at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul

Sonia M. Blauth de Slavutzky, Claídes Abbeg, Rosana Fávero Gross, Marco Aurélio Camargo da Rosa


The purpose of this study was to understand when the profession was chosen, trying to perceive the implication of social and personal involvement in this context. The study also tried to demonstrate how inter and intra personal relations work and how the feelings that influence the process of professional choosing are related to the students ' expectations toward the future profession. In an attempt to define a profile of the sixth semester (third year)dental student in the Dental School of Porto Alegre, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, a questionnaire was answered by the students since the year of 1998 until 2001. It was applied during class at the Professional Economy class, of the Department of Social Dentistry. Results: 75% of the students have choosen this profession because it is a private practice and by vocation; 62% of the students look for personal satisfaction; the great majority of the students didn't choose the speciality and 57% want to work right after graduation in private dental offices or clinics alone or sharing with colleagues.


Dental students; Labor market; University curriculum and professional decision


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e-ISSN 2177-0018 / ISSN 0566-1854.

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