Considerations for the study of ameloblastomas

João Jorge D Barbachan, Pantelis Varvaki Rados, Manoel Sant'Ana Filho, Onofre Francisco Quadros


In order to update the knowledgment about Ameloblastoma a review of the literature was carried as well as 26 cases available in the files of the Pathology Laboratory of the University Federal of Rio Grande do Sul were studied. For this purpose the only cases to be regardes were the oves in wich it was possible to do a histological evoluation of the tumor in more than one level of sectioning. From the overall sample, 21 showed more than two histological variables of Ameloblastomas. The most frequent variables found were plexiform and folicular. Beside this, two cases of Ameloblastoma were reported, one concerning unusual age incidence and the other concerning unusual anatomical localization.


Ameloblastoma; Odontogenic cysts


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