Alveolysis due to dental trauma: case report

Maria Arianna Lima Ribeiro, Kamila Nogueira Borges da Costa, Tacíria Machado Bezerra, Meire Coelho Ferreira


The alveolysis is a pathological condition classified as partial or total dehiscence (the root exposure is partial or total and involves the marginal bone) and apical fenestration (the root exposure doesn’t involve the marginal bone). Usually occurs by vestibular and in the anterior region of the maxilla. It’s commonly associated with chronic infections provoked by dental caries and dental trauma. This study aims to report a clinical alveolysis case in a previous traumatized deciduous tooth of a 4 years old child. Clinical examination noticed aveolysis apical fenestration type associated to partial dehiscence (tooth 51) and presence of mobility. In the radiographic examination it was found thickening of the pericementary space and external root resorption. The indicated treatment was extraction of the affected tooth and the use of maintainer of space. Based on the reported case, it is concluded that early care and the control of traumatized and decayed teeth are essential for the prevention of alveolysis.


Tooth injuries; Tooth, deciduous; Alveolar process


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