Evaluation of associated factors with oral candidiasis in patients from Stomatology Service of Sao Lucas Hospital - PUCRS

Fernanda Gonçalves Salum, Gabriela Botelho Martins, Lisandrea Rocha Schardosim, Nadiesca Maria Lazzari Miotto, Maria Antonia Zancanaro de Figueiredo


Oral candidiasis is an infectious disease caused mainly by Candida albicans, whose clinical manifestations can be associated with local and systemic factors. This study aimed to
evaluate the association between factors like smoking, alcoholism, anemia, diabetes, antibiotic therapy, corticoid therapy, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, HIV infection with the
different clinical forms of oral candidiasis. Three hundred and three records of patients with oral candidiasis were analyzed. Those records which patients presented erythematous candidiasis associated to the use of prothesis were excluded. From the 90 remaining patient records, 62 patients (68,9%) presented one clinical form of the disease and that 28 patients presented an association of two (26,7%) or three (4,4%) forms. The clinical presentation of oral candidiasis that prevailed most was the erythematous (38,9%) followed by the pseudomembranous (37,8%), the candidal leukoplakia (27,8%), as well as angular cheilitis (21,1%) and median rhomboid glossitis (10%). The candidal leukoplakia was associated to smoking (p= 0,01), while the erythematous candidiasis was associated to anemia (p= 0,04). Pseudomembranous candidiasis presented statistically significant relation to antibiotic therapy (p= 0,01), radiotherapy (p= 0,05), chemotherapy (p= 0,02) and HIV infection (p = 0,01). Angular cheilitis and median rhomboid glossitis were not statistically associated to any of the studied factors. Hence, it was found that there is an association between the form of clinical presentation of oral candidiasis and some determined local and systemic factors.


Oral candidiasis; etiology; risk factors

DOI: https://doi.org/10.22456/2177-0018.103324

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