Validity of the digital system in the diagnosis of proximal caries in primary molars

Maximiano Ferreira Tovo, Juliane Bervian, Sérgio Fernando Torres Freitas, Ítalo M. Faraco Jr., Paulo F. Kramer


This study evaluated the diagnostic performance of the Ektaspeed plus dental film and Digora digital system. The material comprised 3 7 extracted primary molars and it was exposed at 70 kV. The images of 41 proximal surfaces were examined under standardised conditions. Five imaging modes (x0,5, xl, x2, Negative and 3D) included in digital system software, were used. The teeth were sectioned and observed under a stereomicroscope (x40). The data were analysed by means of sensitivity, specificity, accuracy and unweighted kappa. The digital system sensitivity revealed values higher than the conventional films, in both cut-off. Ektaspeed plus dental films were comparable or higher values for specificity than the digital system in both cut off. Digora accuracy average values were higher than the film. The films unweighted kappa were the sarne of some digital image mode, in ali caries diagnosis. Films didn 't achive Digora kappa values in dentine diagnosis. Cohen's kappa showed good intraexaminer reliability (0,758). Digital system appeared comparable with the conventional radiographic method in proximal primary molars caries diagnosis.


Filme Ektaspeed plus; Sistema digital Digora; Superfícies proximais; Molares decíduos


Licença Creative Commons

e-ISSN 2177-0018 / ISSN 0566-1854.

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