Prevalence and severity of the periodontal disease and accumulation dental biofilm in children from the Paediatric Dentistry Clinic at UFPB

Rossana Vanessa Dantas de Almeida, Érika de Morais Beltrão, Carolina Bezerra Cavalcanti Nóbrega, Ana Maria Gondim Valença


The aim of this work was to verify the prevalence and severity of periodontal disease in patients between 9 anel ll years old from the Paecliatric Dentistry Clinic of the Federal University of Paraíba, relating the levels of disease with gender and biofilm accumulation. The sample was composed by 64 children that were in attendance on this Clinic. One examiner carriecl out the exam. There was dental biofilm collect indexes (OHI-S and O'leary), blecding index (ISG), and it was registered the presence of gingival recession and pocket depth. The data were submitted to a statistical analysis with the aid of the SPSS program and treated by the tests of the Qui-square and Exact of Fisher (p <0,05). The results show the following prevalence: gingivitis 100%; recession gingival 21.8%; pocket depth 4.6%. It was observed unsatisfactory oral hygiene levei in 89.1 % and 54.7% of the children by the O'leary and OHLS indexes, respectively. The presence of gingivitis, gingival recession and pocket depth were shown respectively in 62.2%, 16.2% and 5.4% in the feminine gender and 59.3%, 29.6% and 3.7% in the masculine gender, not observing statistical difference of the alterations among the gender. The biofilm accumulation showed unsatisfactory level by O'leary and OHI-S indexes, respectively, in 88% and 54,1% for the female gender and 89% and 55,6% for the mate, do not observing differences between the genders. ln the same way, it was not possible to observe relationship between the accumulation of dental biofilm and the presence of severe gingivitis. The conclusion was that: the conditions of oral hygiene were unsatisfactory; the presence and severity of the gingivitis were shown high, as well the prevalence of gingival recession and pocket depth; there was not predilection of the alterations according to the gender and significant association could not be observed between the biofilm accumulation and the gingivitis levels.


Periodontitis; Oral hygiene; Gingival diseases


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